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JointVitality's knee vitality stops knee pain by providing precise interventional delivery of cutting-edge medications. Treatment requires only one day of decreased activity. It is a breakthrough treatment that is not experimental. For relief from your knee pain visit our Denver knee pain clinic or jointVitality's Los Angeles knee pain center. Physicians interested in franchise and or training please call 866-608-8227.

Jointvitality is proud to have participated in the care of many of the performers from the hit show, Dancing with the Stars. This relationship continues this season.

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Knee Pain Relief - Denver & Los Angeles knee pain centers

Based out of, Denver, with knee pain centers in Los Angeles, and traning doctors nationwide, jointVitality's kneeVitality is an FDA approved treatment to help reduce knee pain and rejuvenate the joint. Joint pain can be caused by any number of different factors. Degenerative changes to the joint resulting in a limited range of motion is one of the most common causes. To counter this, kneeVitalty is a cutting edge treatment that is highly effective and nearly pain free. Plus, it is covered by most insurance providers. Customary facility fee applies.

The natural aging process decreases the lubrication in one's joints this creates numerous problems including the typical issues such as decreased mobility and discomfort. With this decreased lubrication the likelihood of injury can increase. Simply put, this is the result of wear and tear on the joint. kneeVitality can help slow down and may even reverse the effects of this aging by returning the knee's natural protection through an advanced form of viscosupplementation. This process consists of a trained physician injecting the proprietary kneeVitality medication into the knee joint using an advanced method of delivery. The medication then creates a barrier between sensitive cartilage and bone in the knee. The degradation of this barrier is what produces much of the discomfort associated with "bad knees."

Typically, you receive 1-3 injections in the joint spaced out over several weeks. The procedure is safe for individuals of all ages. It is also highly effective as a preventive measure to help reduce the likelihood of future knee problems. As a preventive measure, treatment may occur every 6 months or as recommended by your jointVitality medical specialist. As always, the goal will be to help improve your performance and prevent the harm caused by the rigors of training and or participating in any sport that causes strain on the knee joint.

Once again, the procedure is safe. The possible risks will be discussed with you in detail at the time of the consultation and or the time of the procedure but may include the treatment simply not working fully or infection at the site of the injection. It is important to distinguish kneeVitality from treatments that may not be safe for long term use such as cortisone injections and the use of pain relievers such as Bextra, Celebrex, and Vioxx. kneeVitality is not related to these treatments and it is safe for long term use.

The general benefits of having this procedure include the restoration of motion, the reversal of inflammation, the repairing of damage, the renewing of joint lubrication, and slowing the aging process.

We have physicians ready to help your knee pain in Denver, Colorado and Los Angeles, California. More locations opening soon. Physicians interested in franchise and or training please call 866-608-8227.

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