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Adult knee pain

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    The kneeVitality injection is backed by medical research and has been shown to reduce adult knee pain
    The baby boomer generation may actually be a misnomer. While it is true that there was a baby boom during the 1950s and 1960s a more appropriate description would be the "active generation." Participation in adult sports leagues, entrants in marathons and triathlons have surged, and individuals well into their 80s are enjoying an active lifestyle. However, with this increase has come more complaints of joint disorders, in particular adult knee pain.

    During the last 20 years the remedies for knee pain primarily consisted of taking an Advil and icing the knee. Then when the knee become bad enough you would have some form of major orthopedic surgery or maybe a few cortisone shots. However, no one likes to have major surgery and cortisone shots cause long term problems with degradation of the joint. Then COX-2 inhibitors like Bextra, Celebrex, and Vioxx hit the market. For many these drugs provided the key to enjoying their favorite sports nearly pain free. Unfortunately, it was discovered that COX-2 inhibitors have deadly side effects. Back to Advil and ice? Not so fast.

    In early 2005, a group of prominent surgeons specializing in pain management discovered a new technique that reduces or completely eliminates knee pain in many individuals. This procedure has been termed kneeVitality. It is a simple procedure performed by a trained physician. kneeVitality involves a surgeon delivering a precise blend of medication and lubricating fluid to the knee joint using a very thin needle. Guided by a state of the art x-ray machine, the surgeon is able to place the needle, hence the medication in the precise location in the knee joint to provide optimal relief. This results in relief for inflammation as well as reducing friction in the joint helping to prevent long term damage.

    The surgeons involved have been conducting the procedure and completing more research in Denver, Colorado. The Denver and Boulder metro area likely has more serious adult athletes than any other city in the country. This mountainous terrain and ideal population that pushes their body to the limit has provided an excellent backdrop for their research. One patient, a 49 year old ski racer, bike rider, and jogger stated that he was able to "start running again." "The pain in my knees was so bad that I just could not run. After having kneeVitality I was able to run the next day!" Results like this have occurred quite often. Because of the natural make up of the medication, and minimally invasive delivery techniques, even professional sports teams are having their athletes get injections before their seasons start to help prevent injury. For those that suffer from knee pain, kneeVitality could not have come along to soon. Visit to receive more information and to read the latest research reports on this exciting knee pain treatment.

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