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Knee Bursa

Bursa is a special fluid sac that helps to lubricate the joints as a gliding surface. This reduces the unnecessary friction between the tissues and of the knee joint. Bursa is responsible fluid makes mobilization in knee joints active. A major chunk of this fluid is present in the larger joints such as shoulders, elbow, hips and knees. The inflamed condition is known as bursitis. Most commonly bursitis are caused due to the shift in the tissue trauma or strain injury. Infection in this area is less seen but on some rare cases the bacteria infect the brusa, which is also known as septic bursitis.

The knee joint is surrounded by the preatellar bursa. This bursa can become inflamed from direct trauma to the front of the knee. This commonly occurs with prolonged kneeling position. People from the Muslim community have offer prayers in kneeled position. This type if knee pain or condition is named as housemaid's knee. This name is inspired from the patient's occupation. This causes redness, swelling, warmth, tenderness overlaying the knee. It is characterized by the stiffness and pain with walking.

Prepatellar bursitis also occurs in the cases when the bleeding from any kind of injury or excessive physical activity. In some special cases of arthritis the patient's knee joints get indecent supply or it is just that the fluids gets unused or soaked. This can also result into the infections caused due to bacteria. Bacteria traveling through the blood can infect chronically inflamed bursa.

Patients suffering from bursitis run under the risk of getting infected. Relying on antibiotics can be a good idea and is also recommended. Collecting the fluid and samples of blood from the affected area can identify the type of bursa. After the bursa is identified the next step should be to choose a suitable antibiotic prescribed by the doctor. There may be some cases when the infected bursa doesn't listens to the antibiotics used. In this case doctors just follow the surgical drainage procedure to get rid of the bursa. But in the chances of bursa being infected again remains. Therefore, the treatment with antibiotics should be continued to mar the chances of any infection in the bursa.

The doctors will examine the WBC (white blood cells), the erythrocyte count and also the sedimentation rate that will help to diagnose the condition of the bursa. Throughout the process the knee should be rested and made comfortable.

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