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    jointVitality is a Denver based pain clinic that has developed a propritary knee pain treatment, kneeVitality. This treatment is performed by a physician, it is covered by insurance, and only takes a few minutes. The result is an easy fix for many causes of knee pain. Los Angeles knee pain relief is also available at our LA clinic that serves patients from all over California, Arizona, and Nevada.

    What is kneeVitality?
    kneeVitality is an injection of a proprietary blend of medicines including hyluronan. Hyluronan was approved by the FDA in 1997 for viscosupplementation. The procedure, called viscosupplementation, injects a preparation of propritary medicine into the knee joint. kneeVitality is a naturally occurring substance found in the synovial (joint) fluid. It acts as a lubricant to enable bones to move smoothly over each other and as a shock absorber for joint loads.

    What is visosupplementation?
    Visosupplementation is the injection of fluids into a joint to alleviate and repair damage done to the knee through wear and tear. An analogy can be made between greasing joints on a car or bike and visosupplementation of the knee. The main difference is that kneeVitality treatments help the knee repair itself.

    After time the natural lubrication in the joint wears down. kneeVitality restores this lubrication creating a natural shock absorption which not only helps reduce pain but also repairs the knee.

    Is this safe?
    Yes. kneeVitality treatments are safe.

    Does this help with arthritis?
    Yes, many individuals who complain of knee problems are suffering from osteoarthritis. kneeVitality is designed to help reduce the symptoms and delay the onset of arthritis.

    How long will the injection last?
    The benefits of the injection could last from 1 month to 1 year or longer. kneeVitality helps your knees repair themselves which extends the benefits of the treatment.

    Is the kneeVitality procedure painful?
    No. It feels about the same as a flu shot. Most patients do not report any pain after the procedure is complete.

    Do I have to stop any activities?
    No. Generally take it easy for about 24 hours then you can return to any normal activities including skiing, biking, running, etc.

    Is kneeVitality good for marathon runners?
    Yes. kneeVitality is perfect for runners including marathon participants as well as anyone else who wants to repair and protect their knees.

    How is kneeVitality injected?
    medication is injected to reduce knee pain in the joint

    The picture on the left is an actual x-ray of an injection on a patient. The picture on the right is a drawing to illustrate where the injection is placed. As you can see, placement of the medication is the key to a successful outcome. Using x-ray guidance, jointVitality's medical professionals are specifically trained and experienced to correctly place the medication in the knee joint to produce the greatest reduction in knee pain.

    I had knee surgery on a meniscus, ACL, MCL, or other knee operation, can I still benefit from kneeVitality?
    Absolutely. You will receive benefits from the kneeVitality treatment even if you have already had major knee surgery. Typically the only individuals that would not benefit are those that have had total knee replacements.

    Where is kneeVitality available at?
    kneeVitality is available in Denver, Colorado and Los Angeles, California. The simple shot to administer the viscosupplementation is performed by a physican.

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