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    How kneeVitality works

    medication is injected to reduce knee pain in the joint

    The picture on the left is an x-ray of an actual injection. The picture on the right is a drawing that illustrates where the injection is placed. Using x-ray guidance you jointVitality medical professional is trained to place the correct amount of medicine in the exact location that it is needed. This means that you get the absolute best result possible.

    kneeVitality is only available through a jointVitality center. As you can see, placement of the medication is the key to a successful outcome. Using xray guidance jointVitality's medical professionals are specifically trained and experienced to correctly place the medication in the knee joint to produce the greatest reduction in knee pain.

    kneeVitality has proven safer, more effective, and longer lasting than pain relievers such as Bextra, Celebrex, and Vioxx. Side effects are extremely rare.

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