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kneeVitality is available at the premier Denver knee pain center as well as our new Los Angeles knee pain clinic. Setup a free consultation for more information.
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  • Proven to Improve the Knee Joint

    The kneeVitality injection is backed by medical research and has been shown to reduce knee pain
    kneeVitality is a near pain-less injection of a proprietary blend of medications designed to repair the knee joint.

    • Enhance natural joint fluid that is necessary for proper joint lubrication
    • Slow cartilage breakdown
    • Promote growth of healthy tissue
    • Allow increased activity with decreased knee pain
    How kneeVitality is injected:
    medication is injected to reduce knee pain in the joint

    The picture on the left is an x-ray of the actual injection. The injection is completed using x-ray guidance for accurate placement of the medication.

    The picture on the right is a drawing to illustrate where the injection is placed.

    kneeVitality is only available through a jointVitality center.

    As you can see, placement of the medication is the key to a successful outcome. Using x-ray guidance jointVitality's medical professionals are specifically trained and experienced to correctly place the medication in the knee joint to produce the greatest reduction in knee pain and longest lasting effects.

    kneeVitality has proven safer, more effective, and longer lasting than pain relievers such as Bextra, Celebrex, and Vioxx. Side effects are extremely rare.

    kneeVitality is only available through jointVitality

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